Letter: Positive influence

Mid-summer 1960, I received a telephone call from the office of Dr. Frank L. Boyden asking if I were available to come to Deerfield Academy to meet the new football coach who would be in place come the new school year. Upon arriving, there was Dr. Boyden and a young looking chap who was introduced to me as the new football coach. Honestly, I was not totally swayed. Boy was I wrong. Not only did Jim Smith immediately instill a work ethic in the team and begin a most successful tenure at Deerfield but to continue on at Franklin County Tech and Mohawk upon retirement from Deerfield.

Congratulations Coach Smith on retirement. You have influenced positively many men not only in the realm of football but in all endeavors of life. It was an honor to be there when you first arrived and to have followed your career these many years.

Now, may you enjoy life with family and friends from the sidelines for many more years to come.


Deerfield ’61

South Deerfield

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