Letter: Terrible advice

I am writing concerning the column in your paper titled “Living with Children: Turning around a spoiled teen.”

Ironically, this column is in the section titled “Celebrating our Youths.”

In this piece, a couple writes that their son is failing in school and asks John Rosemond for advice.

With no real background information, he recommends a severe course of action consisting of “stripping his room down to the bare essentials, taking away any and all electronic devices and suspending all of his privileges, including driving.”

Other parents, reading this column, are presumed to recognize this situation in their own family and follow suit.

Perhaps this kid, or yours, is an over-indulged, spoiled and lazy brat.

In that case, this is sound advice.

Or ...

Perhaps she has one or more learning disabilities.

Perhaps he is being bullied at school, or is being sexually abused.

Perhaps she is pregnant.

Perhaps this is the reason for their failing grades.

Rosemond continues, “His reaction is likely to include anger, self-pity, and threats of running away or other equally silly things.”

Remove all love and support, ask no questions, and turn your home into a prison.

Quite simply, following advice like this without even questioning the root cause of their behavior is a recipe for driving your child to suicide.

The advice given in this column is worse than reprehensible, it is irresponsible and dangerous.

I urge you, in the name of responsible journalism, to remove this column from your paper.



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