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Letter: Quality of life

I am not looking for sympathy. The only way this letter is getting written is because I have a PCA to dictate, because I cannot even type anymore. As a person who uses medical marijuana, I would not wish this pain on anyone. I can be grateful that there is something to help me.

I don’t know what the Board of Selectmen is thinking. We bought and built in Bernardston because I wanted my neighbors or passersby to see me if I fell. That is not a concern anymore, because I seldom go outside. When I have needed the police to help me get up and back into my home, they have been wonderful responders.

I have a form of MS that is progressive. It is not helped by anything or slowed by anything, so I have reached the point that it is really about quality of life, not quantity. Yes, I used to be able to do lots of things I can no longer do, but the medical marijuana I use comes from other states, which can be an inconvenience for those who have to deliver it. I have to wonder if the selectmen took into consideration things like that. If someone wanted to supply medical marijuana here in town, the convenience would be amazing.

I don’t know if insurance will cover medical marijuana, but I am sure that some drug company will conduct studies that they can make money on with a drug that does what marijuana already does. Until then, access should not be limited by geography. I know that the town is concerned with criminal activity that might arise. Does that outweigh the factor of quality of life for those of us who need pain relief?



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