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Letter: Fight for SNAP

Forty-seven million Americans are on the SNAP program (formerly food stamps). 22 million are children, and 9 million are seniors and disabled adults. This $80 billion program allows those in poverty a $3/day benefit for basic daily sustenance. Now, because of sequester, automatic cuts to this and other important social programs will begin in March. How will cuts impact those on SNAP? All receiving SNAP would see cuts to their benefits, some would be eliminated from the program and thousands of preschoolers would lose access to preschool meals. Most national anti-poverty groups estimate that SNAP recipients would also fall into extreme poverty (world bank definition, $2/day). Why is this happening? Because congress is looking to cut the deficit. Is it right to allow a child to go hungry in order to reduce the deficit?

As a mother, volunteer for RESULTS (anti-poverty group), and a citizen I say “No, it is wrong!” Congressman McGovern, we need you, urgently, to fight for our children, just as you pledged to fight for senior programs while in Greenfield (Feb. 2 article by Chris Shore’s “McGovern pledges to fight for elders”) to promise to fight to keep cuts out of SNAP.

Rep. McGovern, a great supporter of critical social programs, and one who has taken the SNAP challenge, please remember when you go back to Washington that we are counting on you to help keep our families and children out of devastating poverty.


RESULTS volunteer


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