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Letter: Benefiting from tragedies

Politicians never let a tragedy or crises go by without using it to politically advance themselves. This can be observed nationally by the themes of both state and national democratic administrations now in office. Look at two tragedies that our nation has currently faced.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we saw President Obama walking in a fraternal embrace with Gov. Christi down a decimated shoreline in New Jersey. Likewise on State Island he promised quick government relief. That was before the election and it brought him votes. After three months we see the relief that he promised only to be tied down in the legislature mainly because it is filled with bureaucratic pork.

In the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School disaster, the Obama group again used a tragedy to advance its political agenda. This time rather than looking at the profile of the individual that did the action, it looked at the machine that was used to accomplish this disaster.

Outlawing guns will not solve the problem. People will find the means to accomplish these feats through other outlets. Did we see the president censure Hollywood for its never ending flicks on mass murders or horrible Machiavellian concepts? Of course not. Hollywood is one of the greatest financial sponsors of the Democratic Party. By passing laws against this type of video, they are essentially biting the hand that feeds their political ideas. Each horrific video that mentally deranged person views acts as a training film for new encroachments on our civil order.

We have seen politicians condemn such acts of violence by promising to pass legislation to limit the use of guns by all individuals. This public condemnation will last as long as the average attention span of the public permits. After that, it’s back to normal routine and the pressure to usurp our Second Amendment rights persists.

To further their biased opinion, the press emphatically points out that a military assault weapon was used in this incident. The weapons used in the school shooting were two pistols and a Bushmaster .223 semiautomatic rifle. This rifle with each pull of the finger fires only one round. Because of this, the Bushmaster is not considered an assault weapon



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