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Letter: Protest pipeline

If the tar sands pipelines are allowed to be built, we will be awash in cheap oil for another 100 years (the Canadian reserve is as big as Saudi Arabia was). Problem is, we don’t have 100 years, and cheap oil will stop any momentum toward renewable energy sources. 2013 has to be the year we turn away from fossil fuels if we want a planet that is livable 30 years from now. We already had a heat wave last summer of 109 degrees for three weeks that decimated the corn crop and caused the slaughter of cattle who could not be fed. Australia just recently hit 130 degrees. This is not a sustainable trend, and the main cause is burning fossil fuels.

We have to stop the building of the pipelines meant to bring the largest oil deposit ever found to market. One proposed route is through New England, from Montreal to Portland, Maine. One thousand five hundred people braved 16 degrees temperatures to begin a public uprising across our country that will demand Obama say “NO” to building the pipelines to our coasts so this life-threatening oil can be sold on the global market.

On Feb. 17 in D.C., we are planning the largest demonstration in environmental history to demand the same. Please get involved. This is a struggle for the future of our planet and all species. Buses are leaving from Greenfield. Call Andrew at 337-5340. Join us! Lend your strength to this vital cause.



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