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Letter: Government programs

Talking heads, magazines and newspapers have produced many opinions on the cause and effect of technology on our country. Lately there was a series of article in one of the newspapers that should be required reading for all politicians. What is most interesting about the series was how the history of technology was traced back hundreds of years, showing what we might expect today. The series ended with speculation and reasoning why the effects of today’s technological, though similar could be different. There was speculation in the series that the Great Depression of the ’20s and ’30s could have been caused by the big jump in farm technology. Having lived as a boy then, I have appreciation of the programs by the government to help families like mine survive, while passing laws to keep a financial collapse from ever happening again.

I read opinions of how that WW II helped us out of that Depression and made our country the power it is. What is discounted there is the government programs during and after the war. That war wasn’t something we saw on television — it was something every American became a part of, from the draft, rationing, scrap drives, victory gardens and blood drives and much more. After the war, the country was faced with what to do with the thousands of men coming home, men who now knew there was so much more in the world than just their little corner. The government started the fifty-two twenty club and provided them with free college educations. These programs produced the educated population that became the backbone of today’s technological advance. As I roll all these thoughts in my mind, I can still recall one of my history teachers repeating, history is our most important lesson, without it we have nothing to build on.



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