Letter: Jelly doughnut therapy

Diets are OK, I guess. Their only salvation is that we can cheat occasionally. However, not every day! They tell me the taxes are going up and health care is more expensive and we should get regular exercise and da da da da ... But, ladies and gentlemen, a good jelly doughnut is a great treat every once in a while. Fruit is good for us, right.

Before you tell your boss to jump in a lake or your neighbor to go pound sand, go and enjoy a jelly donut. The mere fact that we know it is bad for our diet, is a special treat. Make the most of it. Sit in your favorite chair and don’t bother to answer the ding-dong telephone, which is probably an advertisement for hemorrhoids anyway. Relax and just think you only live once.

Seriously, a good dip in the pool in the summer is relaxing. This is your life. Tomorrow, you can answer the phone.

Call up your friends and tell them you enjoyed your jelly doughnut. Pass it on.



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