Letter: Hurting taxpayers

I recently received my tax bill for 2013. It went up more than the projected amount that I read about in the paper. Now the mayor wants to buy the Lunt property, which is a given as the town has already invested in the project and the council always seems to go along with what the mayor wants.

Ms. Kelly says the impact to taxpayers for the first two years will be negligible. Fact is, there is no such beast as a negligible tax increase. After the first two years, the tax increase would not be huge. By whose standards is that — the town’s or the taxpayers!

So let me see — increase in taxes for the Lunt property, increase in taxes for the new high school, increase in taxes for the regular running of the town and we cannot forget the taxes for the middle school fiasco, which we are still paying for.

Where does the mayor and the Town Council think the taxpayers can keep getting this extra money from? We do not have large industries, or even small ones, knocking on Greenfield’s door to broaden the tax base. The only hope for extra tax dollars and jobs was the large retail store, which the NIMBY seven and their leader are doing their best to stop.

Many homeowners live on fixed incomes and the way taxes are going, will have to make some difficult choices. Many of the town’s businesses are hanging on by a thread and their owners will have to make some difficult choices. Where do you expect to get all this extra money without hurting taxpaying homeowners and businesses?

Now I read that the mayor wants to take over the bank building on Bank Row. What will that cost the taxpayers? Just add it to the list of tax increases. Face it. The economy is not that great and yet the town is spending like the federal government. Can’t you at least try to give us taxpayers a break and cut down on the spending?



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