Letter: Gun safety lessons

Two men came up the path following a troop of happy campers. You didn’t have to be a student of body language to see that the men were not happy campers.

The children were caught up in the spirit of it all. They took their seats on the shooting platform and sat patiently reviewing gun safety regulations as published in National Rifle Association handbooks.

The men had read about this and come to see what Parents Night was all about.

When the general review was done 22-ammunition was given out to youngsters chosen to demonstrate shooting at targets. They were directed to take the prone position and shoot for bull’s eye targets 50 feet in front of them.

When their class was complete, they filed back to the camp’s center. Success was the order of the day.

Our two visiting men stopped at the point where trail entered woods. There they appeared locked in earnest conversation. They turned back and sat down in front of the instructor.

They said they didn’t like guns, that in the class they heard the opposite of what they expected, that the well-trained Apex children were not likely to get in trouble with guns.

They shook the instructor’s hand and left, cheered.



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