Letter: Takes me back

The special section on the Northfield Inn and Chateau made the price of my year’s subscription worth it. First, Ed’s photos and memories are priceless and can never be lost. The inn gave me my life’s career but ask any person in their 60s who has lived in Northfield all their life and you will find many who have tales to tell. Unlike today, a kid at 14 (or who looked old enough) could get a job at the inn for the summer and or weekends. I started as a caddy then went to my first love, the kitchen. I was the baker’s helper, then I went upstairs to the main kitchen. I was mentored by a group of chefs and workers who gave me an education you cannot get today. Most of those people are gone now. The kitchen picture brought back great memories. Pictured is Mac, Larry, and I think Dan, whose real name was Roland but was known to everyone as Harry Cockroach. I don’t remember why. The Northeast had many inns like the Northfield. A few still exist but I am sure life is not the same as it used to be in those little towns where summers brought warm weather, interesting people, long hours of work that were fun for young people, and could provide college expenses for the next year. Thanks Ed for the great story. Its one we have to keep alive because it probably won’t pass this way again.



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