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Letter: Distracted drivers

The other week I was driving on Chapman heading toward Silver when I neared Norwood Street. There was an SUV parked in front of the last house on the right side just before Norwood Street. I was considering pulling out to pass the SUV when I looked at the stop sigh on Norwood Street and saw a vehicle pull up to the stop sign. I thought twice before pulling out and around the SUV and was thankful my guardian angel suggested I do that.

Without paying any attention to my car, the driver pulled out of the street and into the lane toward me. If I had pulled around the SUV, we would have collided head on. But thanks to my guardian angel’s nudge, we didn’t. When he passed me I looked into his window and saw a well-dressed middle-age driver talking on his phone.

Since my friend Mary was hit in the crosswalk on Federal Street, I have been watching the cars I pass. I was shocked at how many people are talking on their phones. I even saw one young person texting. The biggest surprise was that there were more older people doing it than younger ones. By older I mean 30s and 40s. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t see anyone my age of 72. My cell isn’t even on when I am driving.

For the folks who read my article about Mary’s accident, there was a typo concerning her weight. She only weighs 92 pounds, not the 182 pounds that was in the article. Mary was taken to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston for rehab for her brain damage and left side paralysis. A prognosis of 90 days is hoped for.



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