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Letter: Where we’re headed

It is a given that the main role of the Republican Party is the concentration and defense of wealth. Gun rights are important only as they relate to profit and loss. The main role of the Democrat Party is the expansion of government. Gun control is only important as far as it serves that end.

Working within these parameters we can easily see that there will be no rifle bans. The AR rifle, the type allegedly used in the Sandy Hook shootings, is made in the U.S. by many different companies that are profitable and provide skilled jobs with full benefits. Over the past four decades, these rifles have become popular with hunters and target shooters. Remington, among others, makes versions just for hunting. In 2013, this is just a modern rifle, and a rather common one at that. This time it is not just about banning inexpensive Eastern European and Chinese imports. It is also about the loss of major U.S. business profit, and with a Republican House this will not pass. The Obama administration knows this, thus the rush to pass legislation while passions run high with the caveat that passage will be “tough.”

The Democrats and Republicans can come to an agreement on police in schools if it is an unfunded federal mandate. The Democrats will agree to pass the cost on to municipalities for hiring more police and fortifying schools. The Republicans will approve this because it will boost the sale of arms to municipalities. This will eventually make weapons and fortifications commonplace in American society as other institutions opt for the same protections as schools.

The mentally ill will ultimately bear the brunt of any legislation aimed at preventing violence. A national database of the mentally ill, like the federal terrorist “no-fly” watch list, will erode privacy and compromise employment prospects. Mandatory treatment will curtail freedom of movement to the point that the very people it proposes to help will shun these services, driving the truly dangerous deeper underground.



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