Letter: Build a school

On Jan. 23, our town of Rowe will be making an important decision at a special town meeting. We will be deciding whether this town will build a school to replace the one lost in the August 2012 fire. I, and many other residents, love this town and wish to see it grow and prosper. My wish is that this vote turns out to be a positive one for building a school.

We are very fortunate to have an extremely devoted and dedicated Rowe School staff. The work they have put into the transition after this traumatizing event is amazing. The staff have lost their school building, supplies and some of their personal items and knowing their jobs could be in jeopardy and under less than desirable circumstances have continued to put “their” children’s welfare first.

Rowe School has a history of excellent scholastic scores as proof of their success. There are those residents who feel that their taxes will increase and that is asking too much of them.

There are those who feel the taxes would be worth the price to keep town a place where families wish to live and provide excellent education for their children. For those residents who truly cannot afford a tax increase there are real estate tax/abatement exemption procedures available through the town assessors.

Some residents would like to see the town as a quiet little retirement community thinking this will keep taxes down. I cannot see how lowering our property values and possibly discouraging young families from moving to town could be to our betterment. I would think a population under those circumstances would be paying more taxes as the resident numbers dwindle and services have to be continued and town property and buildings still need upkeep.

As seen at our town meetings since the fire, we need meeting space that was lost plus a place for community events. Why not build a school that supplies those needs and as finances allow, possibly add any other projects the residents saw fit to vote for. To those who say we haven’t enough students to make a school worthwhile I say, “Build and they will come.” All our children are the future of our town and our country and we owe them the best we have to give.


35-year resident


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