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Letter: Unfair treatment

This is a letter in support of the Board of Selectmen members in Conway. Town residents for 12 years, we have not participated in town government except to vote at each election and attend town meetings, but we can see how hard it is to manage a town, hire and oversee staff, encourage long-range planning, and keep everybody working toward the common goal of a strong, vital, coherent community.  We believe that the current selectmen, our town staff and all of our town leaders are doing their best to advance this goal.

We are disturbed by the tone of the current accusations, repeated weekly in The Recorder, about the actions of Selectman Rick Bean and the town administrator, Ed MacDonald. We don’t know Mr. MacDonald, now resigned, but we have known Rick for over 15 years. We know him to be a man of enthusiasm, dedication and honesty.   The accusations being leveled at him by an anonymous person are unfit to be reprinted in your paper. Until that person is willing to stand up, bring charges, have those charges examined in the light of day, this should not be considered “news” by our county newspaper. To do so is no better than McCarthyism tactics of the 1950s.

Our town officials and leaders are human. They are not perfect. Their work is hard, and politics is a contact sport these days. How will we attract and keep dedicated people in our small town governments in this climate? Shall we become dysfunctional on a local level as well as on a national level? Shall we become uncivil in the name of democracy? Is it possible for The Recorder to support the work of Franklin County town governments with restraint rather than fan flames of discord?




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