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Letter: Weapons don’t kill

Was it the weapon that Cain used to slay Abel, or was it Cain’s mental condition that slew Abel? Was it the weapon that Brutus used to slay Caesar, or was it Brutus’ mental condition that slew Caesar?
Weapons do not kill, but the person who uses the weapon does. Therefore, people should be blamed and not the guns.
In all of the discussions I have read, none has mentioned training people how should people act in any culture. This stopped when God was taken out of the school curriculum. The Bible is God’s guide how to live while we are on this Earth.
I believe that the Book of Proverbs should be studied in the early elementary school level. This book of the Bible does not refer to any religion but was written by King Solomon, who was given wisdom by God.
The writers of the Constitution lived in a new land and had experienced wars and hardships where guns were a necessity to survive, so they made it permissible to bear arms as part of the Constitution. Also, they realized that there may be people in the government who may want to change the government and if the population was armed this would deter them from going through with their plan.
We should learn a lesson from what happened in Libya and Syria that people need arms to defend themselves from all threats to our Constitution both foreign and domestic ... which all members of the military have to swear to.
People should be aware of the people around them and report any activity to the proper authorities.

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