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Buckle your seatbelt!

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. This “Fiscal Cliff” is ridiculous.

The president was re-elected with a true mandate. 75 percent of Americans believe the most fortunate should pay more to support the country that made it possible for them to make their fortunes.

Many of the richest have made their money by gaming the system, then blaming the poor for our nation’s ills. First they get their candidates elected.

Then, their politicians write the tax codes and regulation statutes they want. Many of the richest like Romney, have made their fortunes in large part by shipping American industry and jobs elsewhere; or by demanding higher productivity for less pay.

I don’t believe we are talking garden variety greed here.

This summer I was astounded at how Romney/Ryan continually lied, and was reminded of an ex-associate who was a compulsive liar and manipulator.

His wife told me he was a sociopath. So I went to the Profile of a Sociopath link. WOW. Sounded like many of these neo-con creeps.

Republicans designed this ill-named “fiscal cliff” as a blackmailing technique.

I’m hoping the president doesn’t budge one inch. Let their plan come to its fruition. Then introduce a bill reinstating middle class tax cuts.

Republicans will probably not vote for it and VOILA! There is your tool with teeth for defeating these jerks in the future!


N. Amherst

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