Letter: Acknowledgement

Thank you, good job, you look great! Those words are feel good moments.

Recently, a feel-bad moment occurred worth sharing. A non-profit funding commitment had been approved by the “Friends of West County Seniors” for refreshments at the Fall Concert Community Chorus event on November 17th, at the Shelburne Trinity Church. Cathy Buntin, Director of the Shelburne Senior Center, had submitted a refreshment request for $50 from the Friends. As per standard courtesy, acknowledgment of the Friends sponsorship in the event program handouts was established by the Director. The Friends’ members gladly voted and unanimously approved the funding as is typical for these kinds of requests.

The feel bad moment arrived at the Fall Concert event. It was immediately apparent other sponsors were proudly listed in the orange program handout; but, the Friends of West County Seniors sponsorship was no where to be found on any of the four pages. Since the event program handout acknowledged the other worthwhile charitable groups, it seems important for the generous, caring and wonderful people of West County who donate and make year-round contributions to the Friends should also be proud of sponsoring this event. The Friends of West County Seniors have provided thousands of dollars in funding for similar senior programs and services in the past and continue to do so in the present. If the director or any individual who receives funding does not acknowledge the Friends support, how do the grass-roots contributors celebrate the end result of their generosity?

I hope this letter will remind the director and others to say those two little words, thank you. So contributors can hear, feel and see their kindness in action. If not, another letter for sure.


Shelburne Falls

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