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Letter: TV watching

Do you believe that whatever you put your attention on grows stronger in your life?

Last year, I discovered a fascinating TV series on Netflix. Every night I turned on my big TV for at least one or two episodes. I was in movie heaven. Eventually a dark character was introduced. Whenever he appeared, I cringed. However, I continued watching episode after episode for a month because I was hooked. But I paid a high price. Before long I was depressed and nothing in life brought me joy. I felt horrible and didn’t know why.

I didn’t make the connection until a couple of days went by without watching the show. I noticed I was back to my happy-go-lucky self and was in love with life again. Suddenly it hit me. Even a movie character’s dark personality can overshadow my inner bliss. Since then I’ve been more careful about what I watch on TV.

For a year my joyous nature remained until recently. I discovered an upbeat TV series and started watching it daily on my 46-inch TV. Everything was fine until I started watching the episodes on my 13-inch computer.

Again my personality changed, but not to depression. This time I became frenetic. I felt like jumping out of my skin. No matter what I did I couldn’t settle down. With no inner peace, I was miserable, and I didn’t know why. Fortunately, after the episodes ran out, the inner frenzy disappeared and my calmness and bliss returned.

Was it the smallness of the monitor, my eyes focusing on the fast movements, or the energy emitting from the computer screen that disturbed my inner peace? I don’t know, but I do know this: Whatever I put my attention on grows stronger in my life.



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