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Letter: Movie spoiler

Regarding parking in Greenfield

I usually shop at a few places in town and they have their own parking lots. Once in awhile, I use the meters, but have never parked in an actual lot since they changed and do not know the hours or how they work.

I thought I would take my six grandchildren to the movies this past weekend. It was something special, as I do not usually have time on the weekends or am able to get them all together at once. We went to the 3 p.m. movie. I parked in the lot by the fire station. I didn’t think I had to pay as it was late on a Saturday afternoon. There were probably only four other cars in the lot.

Everyone enjoyed the movie and we had a wonderful time. As we went to the car, I heard another parent who was leaving the movie say something about a ticket. When I got to my car, I also had a ticket. Not a good way to end the day.

I tried to do something in town with my grandchildren and end up with a ticket. How sad it is that the town is so desperate for money they expect you to pay on a Saturday up to 6 p.m. (I did check the times). As mentioned previously there were only a few cars in the lot and they also seemed to come from the movies.

Well lesson learned. Next time I decide to go to the movies, and there are a couple that everyone would like to see, I will drive the 30 minutes to Hadley where I can park and not worry about meters or tickets. Family Friendly town? Greenfield is not.


Turners Falls

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