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Letter: Housing rules

Here in Turners Falls there are many problems. However the one I am writing about is concerning a place where seniors live as well as those with disabilities. It is the Winslow Wentworth House on L Street here in town.

I simply cannot understand housing’s thinking when it comes to the people living there. In each contract, there is a rule that allows housing to force people not to make any requests to bring thier homes up to standard. The people there are afraid to make requests to have things repaired or replaced. They are afraid because it says any improvements will allow housing to move them into another place away from there present homes. You can see it in recent contracts.

Simple needs such as a light bulb, a stove that does not work at all or a refrigerator that is on its last leg and not doing its job at all ­— anything can be considered improving their homes, which can get them tossed into another place. Check it out and you will find this is the truth.


Turners Falls

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