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Letter: Open your eyes

Know when I say this Mr. Norman, that I speak for a lot of people and it behooves me to ask why you are doing this? We have no discount department stores to shop in and the department store we do have, most of the people can’t afford to purchase anything from. Most of the people from this area (in case you have not noticed) are poor and not made of money. Hell! Look around, can’t you notice that people have to make choices between getting their oil for heat, medicine and or to buy food. And you have the nerve to sit there idly by and this happen like you’re something special. Sprawlbuster you call yourself ­— WOW — titles are great, huh? You really should look into your own heart before you take any action, because they will greatly affect us all down the road.

I do not want you misunderstand and think I hate you as a person because hate breeds hate, times infinity, just your actions.



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