Letter: Elect Lee

As a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, I’ve seen firsthand the culture of corruption, the unrestrained spending, and the undying desire for tax increases on residents of Massachusetts. I know what it takes to fight back against the Democratic power brokers on Beacon Hill to ensure the residents and taxpayers are the number one priority of our elected officials. That is why I am encouraging the voters of the 2nd Franklin District to vote for Susannah Lee for state representative.

Susannah Lee has impressed me with her outstanding background. She is a lifelong resident of Athol, the owner of one of Athol’s largest employers, Whipps Inc., and has municipal leadership experience as a selectman.

Susannah has the perfect background to be a great state representative. She will bring her business experience to the Legislature in order to help create a business friendly climate to Massachusetts and she will use her municipal experience to ensure she brings back local aid to support her communities to keep police officers and firefighters on the street and teachers in the classroom.

With over 200,000 residents of Massachusetts out of work, we need leaders with a background of job creation working for us on Beacon Hill. With local aid funding continuing to be inadequate for cities and towns, we need leaders who have served on boards of selectmen and understand the needs of cities and towns. We need leaders with high ethical and moral standards and will work across party lines to do what’s best for the residents of Massachusetts. Susannah Lee is that type of leader.

I am asking the voters of the 2nd Franklin District to vote for Susannah Lee for state representative. She will be an independent leader and a strong voice for the taxpayers of the 2nd Franklin District.


state representative

22nd Middlesex District

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