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Letter: Your vote counts

Ever since I was a kid, I have heard the phase “your vote matters.” All throughout my life, and especially my college career, I have questioned if my vote really does matter. I have come to the conclusions that yes, my vote does matter.

In college, I never paid attention to local political races, maybe I focused on the presidential and senate races sometimes, but when I looked at these races, I asked myself how likely is it that my vote is going to change the outcome of a senate or presidential election when millions of people vote. I figure that it is about as likely as me winning the lottery. However, there is a chance I may win the lottery and if I don’t play I can’t win. So I see it as if I don’t vote then my candidate may not win.

As a student, I could have cared less about who won and who lost an election. But that opinion changed when I started to go to Boston my senior year and met people who were making the policies that govern us. This is how I met Denise Andrews, whom I hadn’t known personally before, and realized that she was a strong leader and was working for the best interests of my own district. After meeting with her, I told her I would volunteer if she ever needed me. Since I uttered those words I have gone on to become a co-chair on the Andrews campaign for re-election.

Now, when you look at your vote in terms of a local election, like the one for state representative of the 2nd Franklin District, this is when your vote matters. In a more local race the voting pool is a lot smaller and the difference between candidates can be a few votes.

I ask that on Nov. 6, you go to the polls and vote but more importantly that you vote for Denise Andrews who has the foundation and voice to keep working for us, her constituents, on Beacon Hill.



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