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Letter: Sign of the times

Our lawn sign for Elizabeth Warren was stolen last week. (Our neighbor’s sign for Scott Brown was left alone.) Are Republicans so insecure that they must do their “dirty tricks” in order to win elections? Here’s another example of Republican tricks. Before I put up the sign, I spent a lot of time and very carefully looked up Scott Brown’s voting record to see how bipartisan he really is. Before Elizabeth Warren entered the race, Brown voted 93.8 percent (30 out of 32 times) of the time with his Republican colleagues! After Warren entered the Senate race, he distanced himself and voted against the Republicans position, 11 out of 13 times (by May, 2012) but the Republicans already had their majority support in those votes! And, when you really look at his true voting record, he voted in so many, many ways against our best interests, and for the interests of the very wealthy and powerful. Look it up for yourself. It doesn’t matter how many times he repeats the word “bipartisanship,” his real record shows that he is not an independent voice.



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