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Letter: Not buying Romney

Mitt Romney is a salesman. He lights up every time he talks about his business experience. Running a company has one goal, the bottom line in profits even at the expense of workers’ benefits and workers’ salaries. Corporations do not create jobs, they never have. Corporations create bottom lines and if that bottom line is compromised, there are layoffs and outsourcing. Romney knows how to make a pitch and he does every chance he gets. From the beginning of his primary bid and in his campaign for president, Romney will say whatever he feels segments of the population want to hear to get votes. It doesn’t matter if is not true or even made up, he is pitching. He has no clear stance on any topic. I don’t know about you, but his revolving policies make me dizzy. Romney sees the country as a huge business. His record cannot speak to the diverse needs of the country. He does not tell the truth about his record as governor of Massachusetts. Romney pitches. He sells an image. In this global economy, the whole world is going through recession and unemployment. President Obama has stabilized an economy spinning out of control. Obama stepped in and took charge. Romney’s right about one thing: we don’t need four more years of his and Paul Ryan’s solutions to these complicated issues. President Obama has brought us back bit by bit, which is how the pace goes when the hit is so big. He has done this in spite of an obstructionist congress led by Paul Ryan. President Obama fights for us. Romney fights for business and for the bottom line. That does not include us. I’m voting for President Obama and so should you.


South Deerfield

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