Letter: Romney’s legacy

I have to say I was taken aback when Willard “Mitt” Romney mentioned “my state” a couple of times in the second presidential debate. Such an ambiguous statement from an individual who could lay claim to a number of residences left me asking, which state? I presume he was referring to Massachusetts.

There hasn’t been much mention of his reign as Massachusetts governor during his campaign, and for good reason. During his tenure as our governor, his record was less than flattering. His claim to be a job creator and a man of great economic prowess is nothing he should be boasting about. While in office, Massachusetts went from 37th to 47th in job creation nationally. Under Romney, Massachusetts saw a meager 0.9 percent job growth versus 5 percent nationally.

Romney economics during his tenure also proved to be just as trying. Inheriting a $3 billion deficit, he choose to close the gap by slashing funding to local governments, higher education and then raising fees on just about anything and everything. Do you remember those times? Many towns and municipalities to this day are still feeling the negative effects of Romney economics as they were forced to cut fire, police and teachers. After ravaging the state, he still left it with nearly a billion-dollar deficit. With a low 37 percent approval rating, it’s doubtful we would have offered the job to him again. What he did for Massachusetts he can surely do for the country. You make the decision.



As opposed to Obama's legacy? I thought Romney did an OK job, especially working with an all Democratic legislature. Obama had a two year super majority and dropped the ball.

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