Letter: Go vote

Republican President Teddy Roosevelt used gunboats to help Panama win its independence from Columbia. He later promoted the building of the Panama Canal so vessels could sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and from the Pacific to the Atlantic. This saved ships a great deal of time.

Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt began the Civilian Conservation Corps and other projects to get jobs for people. They were encouraged to buy things thus stimulating the economy. We were in a Depression. Millions were unemployed. Ask every senior citizen about that.

Roosevelt carried us through WWII. Some time ago (1939-1942), Germany appeared to be conquering the whole world. Not since Genghis Khan has anyone come this close. America worked with England, Russia, parts of France, and many other countries to defeat Hitler and his Germany.

Democrat President Harry Truman integrated the Armed Forces. Now black soldiers and white soldiers are in the same unit. He finished WWII in Europe against Hitler and Germany. As Japan treated their emperor as a god, they were fanatical in the 1940s. Truman had the Atomic Bomb dropped on Japan to end WWII. He saved possible casualties of the projected Invasion of Japan of 80 million men.

Republican President Dwight Eisenhower promoted the Interstate Highway system. Now Americans can visit their own country. Commerce can transport goods and services east and west, north and south clear across the country.

President Eisenhower sent the Army’s 101st Airborne Unit to Arkansas to implement the U.S. Supreme Court’s order to integrate black students to white high schools. The governor had previously declined to obey the Supreme Court.

You have the opportunity this November 2012 to choose a president. Get out and vote. This is your time!



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