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Letter: Keep Brown

If you’re like me, you’re tired of the partisanship and gridlock in Washington.

It seems like nothing ever gets done because too many politicians follow their party leaders in lockstep. Right here in Massachusetts, almost all our federal delegation votes with their party over 90 percent of the time — some vote that way 98 percent of the time. I don’t think any party is right 98 percent of the time and anyone who votes that way is clearly not doing their job. After all, we elect representatives to think for themselves and weigh each issue on its merits. Democracy doesn’t work when our representatives stop representing us and just follow orders from party leaders.

That’s why I’m supporting Scott Brown. He’s the only member of our delegation whose voting record demonstrates real bipartisanship. Unlike the do-as-they’re-told 90 percent crew, Sen. Brown only votes with his party 54 percent of the time on crucial matters, according to Congressional Quarterly. In fact, he’s the second most bipartisan senator in Washington. That proves that he listens to all his constituents and actually earns his pay by voting the issue, not the party.

The rusting political machine in this state got the shock of its life when voters gave Sen. Brown the People’s Seat two years ago. The old guard can’t stand having even one independent voice in this state. Now they’re throwing everything except the kitchen sink at a good man who fought his way from poverty to the floor of the Senate. It’s wrong.

I had the pleasure of seeing Sen. Brown play in a charitable basketball game at the Springfield YMCA. A player, a Democrat, was injured early in the game and Sen. Brown instantly knelt down to help his opponent, and stayed there until all was well. Those are the values Sen. Brown learned growing up without any breaks, with a dedicated single mother who sometimes used food stamps to keep her kids from starving. They’re values he’s honed in his 32 years of National Guard service.

They’re real life Massachusetts values.

From protecting his mom from an abusive husband to fighting for our veterans, Sen. Brown has made a life of fighting for what’s right. Now he’s fighting for us and needs our help. We can’t afford to lose Scott Brown in Washington.



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