Letter: Keeping us guessing

Elizabeth Warren has said “that she was told growing up that her mother was part Cherokee and part Delaware Indian,” (Recorder, Sept. 26). She has also said that she did not check a box to go to college and she did not check a box to go to law school, that the only box she checked was in a directory. What if there were no such public record of Professor Warren’s identifying this part of her heritage, but that muck-rakers from the Scott Brown campaign had instead unearthed this family story from Warren’s past. I’m guessing that Brown’s staffers would happily now be maligning Elizabeth Warren for trying to hide it, accusing her of not taking pride or interest in that part of her ancestry. I’m guessing, too, that very likely the Brown campaign would celebrate their perceived victory in the same racist, offensive and utterly tasteless manner in which they were celebrating this week, revealed in an online video. What the video makes absolutely clear, however, so that no one needs to guess about the senator’s intentions, is that the Brown campaign is in no way motivated by anything that resembles respect for Native Americans of any nation.


Shelburne Falls

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