Scott’s mistake

I think incumbent GOP Sen. Scott Brown has overplayed his hand on the Native American issue concerning Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren. First of all, he said she obviously can’t be Native American, just by “looking at her.” Sorry Scott, but Native Americans do not all look the same. Some American tribes are fair-haired and light-skinned. Who’s operating on a racist assumption here?

Second, Scott claims that Warren used a bogus heritage claim to gain some kind of advantage in her career. Not true, she never claimed her Native American heritage for the sake of scholarships or jobs.

Third, Scott says since Warren hasn’t documented her claim, she must be lying. Typical GOP thinking. Funny how liars assume everyone else lies, too. But he crossed the line here, because he is actually calling Elizabeth Warren’s mom a liar. Elizabeth believes she is part Delaware and Cherokee because her parents told her so. That should be good enough for Elizabeth and any other child, growing up in any family on Earth. If your parents tell you about your heritage, you simply believe it. No child ever asks for documentation. Not only that, but many folks with Native American blood, here in New England and elsewhere, do not have paperwork. The knowledge is passed down by word of mouth, just like most of the rest of the family tree. Scott is the racist here, not Elizabeth, and he’s also disrespectful of family traditions. Ya never, ever, want to call someone’s Mom a liar. Them’s fighting words.



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