Letter: Let the story show

Gee, what’s wrong with those people in Ferguson, Mo.? Can’t they just write letters to the editor and sign petitions?

Editor Blagg asserts that the victim, Michael Brown, had a “sterling character” according to family and friends. I would like to know where he got that information; I have heard just the opposite, though in fact his character shouldn’t be a factor in this killing anyway.

I find it interesting that Editor Blagg states that the official findings won’t be believed by the public. Is he assuming that the “ponderously assembled evidence” will exonerate the officer? If such evidence indicates that the officer violated the rules of engagement and should be arrested and tried, I doubt if the people would disagree with such a finding.

The history of policemen, usually white, killing persons, usually not white, is legendary. That Editor Blagg expects a drawing room discussion, over a good brandy and a cigar, of legal theory seems a bit naive. (Prosecutors routinely violate the presumption of innocence of arrested citizens, the notorious “perp walk” for example, which news people love to lap up.)

Finally, this type of event underscores the two myths that we have been brought up with:

1. We are a nation of laws, not men.

2. No man is above the law.

And of course “The policeman is your friend” is seriously under question.



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