Letter: Non-partisan? You’re kidding

Like many other readers, when I opened the mailbox this afternoon, I was greeted by a glossy color mailing from MassFiscal.org. For those unfamiliar with this organization, just flip to the back page, where they describe themselves as a “non-profit” “non-partisan” organization “committed to improving the quality of life in Massachusetts.”

With just a quick visit to their webpage, you’ll find their leadership team. Non-partisan, you say? Chairman Rick Green — failed former candidate to be chairman of the Mass. Republican Party. Finance Chairman Jim Rappaport — former chairman of the Mass. Republican Party during the Weld administration. Executive Director Paul Craney — former chairman of the D.C. Republican Committee. Political Director Carl Copeland — former chief of staff to three conservative Republican legislators. I used to work with this man — trust me, he’s a Republican. Legislative Director Laurie Belsto — former research associate at the conservative Heritage Foundation. Get the picture?

Glancing at the “Scorecard” page of their website, you’ll conveniently notice their top endorsed politicians are all Republicans and the lowest ranked are all Democrats. In the “Latest Votes” section, you’ll see they didn’t support the recently enacted campaign finance reform legislation. Hmm … Could it be they aren’t in favor of requiring shadowy political organizations masquerading as apolitical non-profits, whose primary focus — wait for it — “is to promote social welfare” to publicly disclose their shadowy financial backers? I’m not going hold my breath waiting on the MassFiscal team showing up to serve at one of our local soup kitchens.

Mass Fiscal Alliance, you are what is wrong with politics. If your mission was actually about “social welfare,” you’d be donating to charity rather than spending the big bucks mailing out these glossy pamphlets tearing down public servants by creatively arranging facts to confuse voters. If you are going to register as a non-profit and avoid paying taxes, provide something of actual value to society. Be honest about who you are and stop pretending to be something you’re not. One last thing. When are local Republicans, Susannah Whipps Lee and Karen Anderson going to publicly come out against these shadowy political organizations who are doing their dirty work?




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