Letter: Putin’s thinking

I read a very interesting interpretation of the situation in the Ukraine one that if true could tragically affect all of Europe as it is drawn into a conflict of the U.S.’s making.

According to Sergei Glaziev friend and close adviser of Putin’s, the way they are seeing it is that:

The U.S. is trying to foment war in Europe and using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder.

That the U.S. is trying to maintain their dominance by provoking another war in Europe.

That U.S. policy makers believe that in order to maintain there position in the world order against China’s challenge to it they must start a war in Europe. They want to weaken Europe, cause Russia to collapse entirely and in the end subjugate all of Europe as a hedge against China’s rise.

Bottom line from Sergei Glaziev is that Washington is trying to plunge all of Europe into a war for its own interests!

Victoria Nuland did say, using another word which I will not use here, but what she said very directly was “Screw Europe.” Is this just one person’s opinion or U.S. policy?

Will they screw all of Europe to maintain their dominance?

Whether or not they are, one of Putin’s close advisers is seeing that way — which to me says that Putin is at least strongly considering it as the reason for the U.S.’s actions and at the same time trying very hard to maintain strong economic ties which are essential to both Russia and Europe. But more importantly trying to stay out of a conflict that as they see it could cause devastation in Europe and ultimately bring about their own demise.

So, perhaps this is why Putin is treading so very carefully, every move calculated to maintain their present position and possibly strengthen it in the rest of the world’s view. To avoid what the U.S. so strongly wants to bring about and then pin on them?



Ritchard York, you've got to be kidding!!!

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