Letter: Splash park? Not sure

I am a Hillside Park neighbor and have had mixed feelings about the upcoming splash park project. I was initially concerned that the plan did not include any type of changing facility (yes, I understand that would possibly invite more trouble). I am more concerned after reading that the park will not be recirculating and treating the water, but rather flushing fresh water down the drain.

Perhaps I wrongly and naively assumed that Look Park and Unity Park treat the water in their splash parks, so we would, too.

I pay the town for all the water that comes into and out of my home, and that’s OK. Turning the taps on for hours a day and flushing hundreds of gallons of drinking water down the drain is not OK. I’m surprised the town doesn’t have some rough estimate of how much water the park would use daily, especially because they’ll be paying to treat all that waste water.

We should all be thankful that we have an adequate and reliable supply of water in our little valley; Greenfield should not take its water for granted and be so wasteful with this natural resource.



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