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Letter: Pipeline silence

His constituents don’t want it. His constituents will absolutely not benefit by it. The northern tier (read: rural, low income) towns don’t want it. The northern tier will not benefit by it. Ultimately, it will cost his constituents, and the towns he allegedly represents, time and money when they have to deal with failures and leaks, which are inevitable.

It is designed to transport gas produced by fracking, an unstable source producing mind-boggling pollution, which the industry refuses to clean up, or divulge what chemicals it is using to produce this oil.

Yet, our state senator, Stanley Rosenberg, has remained glaringly and infuriatingly silent on this subject.

He has told me, “Be assured I will take a firm position I can defend when I finish doing my homework. I know what people want, I know what they believe, but as an elected official I have a responsibility to do my homework before taking a position so I can stand firm and immovable once the position is taken because it is built on facts and understanding all aspects of this complicated situation.

“I cannot do that until the homework is done. I cannot and will not speak for others, but there is a lot not known about this and until it is, we don’t know how to impact this proposal never mind how to block it.”

Spoken like a true politician.

I would remind Senator Rosenberg that he is supposed to represent his constituents, not the natural gas industry or fracking lobby. If it is true that “(he) knows what people want, (he) know(s) what they believe,” then it is time for him to get off the fence and take a stand for those people.

Unwarranted delay is suspicious at best, and absolutely counterproductive. Get off the fence, Senator, and do what you were elected to do: represent and support the interests of your constituents and the commonwealth, instead of tacitly supporting the interests of a money-hungry industry.



This could be the first time in U.S. History that U.S. citizens, of any state, would be tariffed on their electricity bills to pay for a private profit pipeline. You will NOT see relief on your electricity bills any time soon: you will be paying every month for a gas pipeline: less the 1/4 of the gas shipped through that will benefit Massachusetts or the whole Northeast. The rest is going to "the Maritimes and Canada" (this from Kinder Morgan representatives) . . . so shipment abroad. If you think gas prices here will stay "cheap" you must be smoking some heavy stuff: Your electricity bill is going to go up, first to pay for the pipeline through a tariff, and then when have to compete with world markets for a resource that we already fund through massive federal subsidies and exemptions from all kinds of legislation and taxation.

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