Letter: Cooperation missing

It’s nice when one crossed the street and motorists stopped for you. We can’t hear the cars now — they are really quiet. Of course, it helps the drivers if walkers use the crosswalks. In these white painted areas, pedestrians are more visible and vehicles should be expecting people in these crossings. It’s called cooperation when people work together, things can be done civilly, socially, etc.

In Washington, D.C., when the walk signal comes on, pedestrians step right out without hesitation. Their laws are strict and motorists follow them explicitly.

Too bad Congress doesn’t see that cooperation works. Maybe, if both sides could find some little thing they agree on, they might find other matters that could be modified to find some common ground. Just because there is a D or a R on it, does not make it right or wrong.

Sure, we are Americans, and we all have opinions. Somehow Benjamin Franklin got different factions to sit down and discuss their agreements. He did a pretty good job. Years (238) later, where is a new Ben? Speak up, we sure need you. Maybe it’s Benjamina?



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