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Letter: Offensive thinking

The good folks who are pitching a fit over the placement of “migrant minors” in our communities are no better than the “good folks” who declined to give refuge or sanctuary to the Jews and others who fled the Nazis.

I am aware that this will deeply, deeply, (deeply) offend many good folks in its clumsy moral equivalency, and in its loose historical parallels. It may especially offend those who are just plain bored with talk of Nazis.

I don’t care. Be offended.

Be especially offended if you are a municipal, state or national official indecisively playing to the blind stupidity and prejudices of your good, offended constituents.

Those who are offended have, in general, long ago forfeited any authority to take genuine offense ... to take anything but the most self-serving offense. The question is not whether those who have crossed U.S. borders are worthy of being here, or are whether they are entitled to be here. The question is whether the U.S. is any longer worthy of its professed ideals, or if it is entitled to its lame, arbitrary, bloody borders.



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