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Letter: Lesson in education

How did we get to where we are now? Way back in elementary school, we were required to learn the times tables: 6 times 7, 9 times 8, etc. In high school, I was lucky to have Mr. Sanders for mathematics and algebra. He would explain something one way and ask how many got it? He would try a second way. He would continue with a third method. He wanted us to learn fundamentals of math.

He was well respected. When he spoke, we listened. With a strong math background, I found employment. Sure, I got promoted. When I was young, I proclaimed I did it. Now looking back to the patience Mr. Sanders expended on my account, he and others helped me succeed. He is gone now, but thanks.

When you get irked at school and the teachers, stop and realize that they are trying to help you. Greenfield High School, thanks. thanks. thanks.



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