Letter: So many wrong steps

First the president removes Gen. Shinseki, a man who has done more for veterans than probably anyone else. Then the president frees the top five al-Qaida terrorists held at Gitmo in exchange for an Army deserter, who was held by the Taliban after he put down his weapon and walked off his post in Afghanistan in a combat zone.

His father meets the president at the White House and the first words he speaks to the public are in Arabic and he praises Allah while saying that his hair and beard are in honor of Allah.

Yet there is a U.S. Marine who has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan being held and tortured in a Mexican prison because he made a wrong turn near the border and the president has not said word one nor done anything to obtain his release. So I can clearly see whose side the president is clearly on.

Good luck to any American traveling overseas because you are now fair game for any and all terrorists because they know that by just kidnapping you or your family, they can get more of their fighters released by the president. I guess this is his plan on how to shut down Gitmo. Once he has turned them all loose, no need to keep it open!

We are letting illegals cross the border with impunity, Eric Holder wants to allow convicted felons to obtain the right to vote, the head of the CIA has converted to Islam, John Kerry tells Mr. Snowden to “Man Up” (and this from a man who has never manned up since his betrayal of all Vietnam Veterans in the ’60s). What’s next? Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton as our next president? God help us all.


South Deerfield

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