Letter: Christians under siege

Turmoil in countries of the Middle East have made Christians feel deeply concerned for their safety. In Syria, now, Christians have to pay $650 in Syrian pounds for the privilege of living under the protection of the Caliphate. There are two other options — convert or face the sword.

The sum $650 is a large amount for people who are struggling to make ends meet in a war zone. Today, only about 300,000 Christians remain in Iraq who are living under a Shiite Islamic government. Some Christian communities in the Middle East have stuck with old survival strategy, supporting authoritarian regimes in exchange for protection. In Syria it is too late to close the classes between Christians and Sunni Muslims.

A former Jesuit novice has stated the answer can be found in Scripture, Christians in practice — standing up for the oppressed, the downtrodden and the poor. We must act as Christians and not sell Christ for 12 pieces of silver. The battle today for Americans is much the same as Christians in the Middle East.

Laws here in the states are made contrary to our Christian beliefs — abortion, same-sex marriage, contraception, forced health insurances. We, as taxpayers, are trapped into survival by these degrading laws that persecute “believers.” Are you citizens aware of what is happening right before your eyes? The laws of our land have become crippling to its inhabitants. Victory and greed is the simple goal of the powerful. Sins and virtue do not change. It inhabits a rare place with those in power. In the dim light of darkness you cannot really observe fire closely without becoming part of it (St. Joan of Arc).


Shelburne Falls

Funny, I thought "Christian Beliefs" were love, compassion, humility and generosity. Where in the New Testament does Jesus mention abortion, same-sex marriage, forced health care and contraception?

Among the many fallacies and non sequiturs in this letter, I think the matter of crusade against abortion is the most curious item to list among the "unchanging" virtues of Christians. Is a few decades really so long ago that the writer doesn't remember that Catholics, who by and large not considered by Protestants to be real Christians (a view still held by many) were the only sects which proscribed abortion and birth control?

how many is a few decades ago? doesn't ring any bells with me. What is your basis for saying Protestants do not think Catholics are Christians. Your statistics come from where? and you studied theology where?

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