Letter: Let Ramblers stay

For 50-plus years the Mohawk Ramblers have been a part of the local community. In full disclosure, I am a lifetime member, however, I have moved to Florida. I can speak to the fact that the Ramblers have been and still are a great supporter of the local charities, schools and community at large.

It is sad that after 50 yearsthey are being forced out of the property that they have occupied. The Ramblers have been great tenants of the Montague area. As stated in the article, their goal is to “give motorcyclists a better name.” I would like to give a few examples of the things that they do to achieve this goal:

They sponsor a scholarship at the Franklin County Tech school every year to help deserving students further their career goals. They sponsor a clean road area on Lake Pleasant Road, that they police for trash, to keep the community a cleaner and better world. They have participated in the Source to Sea cleanup to keep the wildlife area around the Montague Plains better for the wildlife and residents. They have donated money to various charities and schools to help with the cause. The Nuns at Farren Memorial Hospital, a school in Gill that was in dire need of money, A yearly ride to support the Alpha-1 Foundation (look it up at www.alpha1.org) just to name a few. They were even honored by the Town of Montague with a Mohawk Ramblers Day.

It is sad to see that such a community-minded organization is getting pushed out after 50 years. They also act as a watchdog for the Montague Plains by watching out for and reporting illegal dumping. If this doesn’t prove that not all bikers are thugs and selfish I do not know what does!

I urge you to contact Rep. Stephen Kulik and voice your support and keep a good neighbor at home where they belong.

Stephen.Kulik@mahouse.gov or 413-665-7200.


Port Richey, Fla.

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