Letter: Seeking your votes

It’s not often that a candidate can legally say “vote for me twice.” But that’s what I’m asking Precinct 5 voters to do: vote for me April 15 and again in June. I am running two campaigns for the Town Council because I think I can make a contribution to our wonderful town. Here, in brief, is how:

∎ Help implement the Sustainable Master Plan so brilliantly crafted by the 36 people who worked on the plan;

∎ Encourage the use of the uppers floors of downtown buildings for market rate housing, thereby increasing the number of people within easy walking distance of downtown and, hence, jobs;

∎ Redevelop the First National Bank as a cultural center; and

∎ Begin planning for the potential that future rail service creates for marketing Greenfield.

I consider myself a good listener — open-minded with the ability to hear all sides of an issue.

I hope I have your vote on April 15 and again in June.



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