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Letter: In the ‘no’

I would like to comment on three quotes I’ve gleaned from The Recorder’s front page stories regarding the big heroin addiction meeting on Feb. 24.

“The federal war on drugs is a failure and Franklin County can be a model for an alternative use of the money spent on eradicating opium crops in another hemisphere.” Another story ended with this from Rep Denise Andrews: “We don’t need to have patience to figure out the solutions. We were given solutions and we, the collective we, share a responsibility to act with urgency.”

What were (or are) the solutions? There’s OEATF; Opioid Education and Awareness Task Force. HEAT; Heroin Education and Awareness Taskforce. BSAS Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. LC; Learn to Cope. GRASP; Grief Recovery After a Substance Abuse Passing. So, how should we act? Pour millions of taxpayer dollars into them.

OK, we taxpayers lost billions in failed government programs and now are asked to shell out even more. For what? As one of those taxpayers, I want more bang for my buck. Translation: Come up with something that actually works! A sharp up-tick in heroin addiction indicates something ISN’T working.

Whatever became of the program: JSN; Just Say No? I’ll tell you. The program was gutted because a few evangelicals came aboard. Jim Culleny will tell you all about those nasty people.

Can you imagine the outcome of just saying “NO?” NO one is going to plant and harvest dope if NO one buys it. NO one is going to die a horrible death from it if NO one uses it, and NO billion-dollar anti-drug government program will be funded if NO one needs it (hopefully). That’s what scares these people the most.

This brings us to my last quote: “‘Every kid with an opiate addiction started with alcohol and marijuana,’ McGahan said, although the correlation is not inevitable.”

Alcohol is government’s big cash cow and marijuana will follow close behind, and what legislator is going to say “NO” to that?



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