Letter: Norman’s costly fight

From afar, it seems as if the liberals on the Greenfield Town Council have learned well from other liberals on how to circumvent the rules set up by the Town Charter. I am thinking how the president has usurped the Constitution in doing things that are in gray areas, which it seems is what is going on in the Greenfield Town Council.

I am wondering if Al Norman has received a “power-of-attorney” from those who he is representing. He should not be representing them without such a document.

In the last several years, he singled-handedly has caused more pollution by car exhaust than any other person. Just think how he has added to the so-called climate change. It appears that those who say that car exhaust adds to the pollution that causes climate change are those who are against the big box store on a lot that is, at the present, an eyesore to those who travel from the east into Greenfield.

Because of the delay caused by one person, most of the west county bypass downtown Greenfield and travel 20 miles to shop at the Hadley Mall, where there are abundant stores to shop. By the time it takes to find a handy parking space, drivers can get to that mall and find every low-cost items of need.

The elderly, a growing county population, can buy things which suits their need and budget. In fact, the Shelburne Senior Center for a small fee has a bus take the elderly once a month to the Hadley Mall. All towns should follow their example



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