Letter: Recorder politics

While it is perfectly normal for an informed citizen to read proposed ordinances and submit their comments, The Recorder editorial staff feels this is unethical. I cannot control the ignorance of a newspaper staff that does not know Massachusetts ethics laws, open meeting laws or the proper way to file such claims, I can comment personally on the history of this particular editorial staff.

When The Recorder does not like something in elected politics they ask for the parties involved to resign. I have a personal experience of this tendency when I inherited a budget problem as chairman of the School Committee many years ago. Instead of writing detailed facts — facts provided by my sending copious documents to their reporter and holding public meetings to vet the truth and solve the problem, The Recorder staff simply tried to politicize their position to influence the upcoming elections. They asked me to step down.

This approach is being repeated. I can understand that they operate their business as a top-down dictatorship, but I am confused why they think they can constantly ask for these non-democratic approaches to be used in Greenfield government. Their propensity to ask for resignations of elected officials when there has been no formal indictment is like the townspeople asking for a binding democratic vote every three years for the editorial staff at The Recorder. What say you Mr. Abelson and Mr. Blagg? Open elections for your positions? I didn’t think so. So please stop suggesting we listen to your suggestions of resignations. Agreed?



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