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Letter: What am I missing?

As a frequent follower of Greenfield politics (and a big fan of Chris Collins’ column, by the way) I am struggling with the “Great Al Norman Rewrite Scandal.” What exactly is wrong with Norman making editorial suggestions for a town bylaw outside of a public hearing? This sort of thing happens constantly in local politics and policymaking. I have done it myself on a number of occasions. Have I done something wrong? Should I resign from town meeting? This whole thing is making me nervous.

It appears from the articles in The Recorder that the core issues involving wetlands policy, including Norman’s proposed revisions, will be publicly debated and voted on by the appropriate boards. What am I missing? The controversy creates the impression that this is in fact just another episode in Greenfield’s chronic divisions over economic development policy in general and Al Norman in particular.

I would agree, however, with the editorial suggestion that Mr. Norman might consider running for a local board. That is the best way to influence policy.



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