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Letter: Cowardly and ancient views

The calculated outrage over the draft wetlands ordinance — four articles across the span of two days — showed us more about The Recorder and the sloppy-growth Republican candidates it endorses than it does about the council. Naturally, giddy council hopefuls Isaac Mass and Thomas DeHoyos were right there with their rehearsed and righteous indignation. There was The Recorder editorial page, desperate to stir up voter anger. All this happening, of course, while the council president is out of town. That is the opposite of courage. A council that is about transparency and open participation gets slammed for letting people participate in it, your editorial saying that it was “unprecedented.” That’s a code word. It’s unprecedented because, up until recently, opening civic discourse to a variety of points of view was not possible, because the council and boards were stuffed with like-thinking development apologists.

If the council’s critics feel left out of the conversation, my suggestion would be to bring more current and relevant ideas to the table. Stop talking like it is 1997. We know a lot more about the effects of big-box development on communities than we did a generation ago. Have something more insightful to say other than that you grew up in Greenfield and don’t recognize the town anymore. Stop complaining when your prehistoric notions of how towns grow and sustain themselves are shown to lack merit. Ideally, these same critics will catch on that an exchange of ideas, from all parties, is what representative government looks like. If you are for the opposite — closed meetings, absence of critical thought, obstruction and irresponsible rubber-stamping, all of which Greenfield was saddled with up until a few years ago — then come out and say that.



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