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Letter: Life-altering accident

2012: Two weeks before Christmas, Mary Jablonski was hit by a car on Federal Street. She was obeying the law and walking in the crosswalk. In fact, Mary would always walk on the side farther away from oncoming traffic. She had on a bright white coat. Still, she was hit hard enough for her to fly up over the hood into the windshield leaving a dent where her head landed and knocked out the window.

2013: Mary is in her fourth rehab facility. She is still working at getting back the use of her left side. She gets about in a wheelchair, propelling herself about with her right foot. She also is learning to walk holding on to a railing dragging her left foot along. Her right hand hangs at her side. She also uses a walker specially adapted for her left arm. She is waiting for the group that is supposed to look at her apartment to see if they can make it handicapped accessible. She has been waiting for five months now.

It is now 2014 and Mary wants to go home. She is sad and cries when you leave her. She was able to go to her families’ homes for the holidays, but being at home with her husband is where she wants to be. Life is never going to be the same for Mary again. And it isn’t going to be the same for other people who have been hit crossing the street with or without the right of way. Personally, I think it is time to go back to the rules for pedestrians we had when I was a kid. Look both ways and cross when there are no cars coming nearby. Pedestrians having the right of way obviously doesn’t mean anything to some people or they are too busy yakking on the phone, texting or eating their lunch to pay attention.

Prayers are appreciated for Mary and any others hit crossing the street.



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