Letter: Population control

Cultural and social influences pave the way to population control. The media’s constant repetition of the supposed numbers of illegal abortions and maternal deaths were valuable assistance in the creation and passing of abortion laws in the states. Doctors and lawyers affiliated with eugenics and population control funded by wealthy support were the first abortion advocates. Beside providing money for advocacy and organizational support for the elite population control movement, they filed many of the cases against state abortion laws.

In 1964, presidential commission headed by John D. Rockefeller III advocated abortion as a way to alleviate “population crisis.” Rockefeller’s father and grandfather had been members of the American Eugenic Society which began funding abortion legalization efforts in 1966. Warren Buffet funded briefs filed in the California Supreme Court in the Belous case, the first state decision to legalize abortion. These elite doctors and billionaires believed the social effects of abortion would prevent unwanted births that would substantially lead to a decrease in poverty and children “destined to become criminals, psychotics, drug addicts and alcoholics.” Such nonsense!

Many untutored believers in the Right to Life must become more informed about what controls population.

Consider this before you vote for your legislators.

“The Roe vs. Wade decision devaluated vulnerable human life in unforeseen numbers. Since 1973, when unborn children were abandoned by law, 55 million lives have been lost to abortion.” Are we a culture of death or are we going to fight for a culture of life?

Some of the answers to the uncomfortable questions of the truly needy may be found in the issue of Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Pope Francis says, “Argue less and accomplish more.” To a glut of problems he exhorts, “To eliminate the structures of poverty, in the name of Christ, to remind all that the rich must help, respect and promote the poor.”

Society at best must give more attention to the behavioral problems at its core, encourage good education or training to provide the individual the necessary skills to find work and a greater access to education as well as eliminate a degree of the powerful feeding on the powerless, which leaves the person without possibilities.


Shelburne Falls

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